José Rizal’s political novel Noli Me Tangere examines how Spain’s colonization of the Philippines allowed the Catholic church to dominate and rule the region. A mass resignation of cabinet secretaries followed. While Duterte’s own party held very little clout in the legislature after the election, by the time of his inauguration, he was backed by a legislative super-majority of unprecedented size, comprising nearly every elite party in the country. The Philippine constitution mandates the selection of the President and Vice President, not through a party slate, but on the basis of the highest vote-getter for each office. We’ve got you covered. Mass anger at inequality, and the callous indifference of the state to the immense suffering of the population, under conditions of the pandemic, have produced a social powder keg. One thing that makes this abuse of power so outrageous is that Nagin had taken advantage of his position both before and after Hurricane Katrina. Political parties continue to be weak, often created to propel a single candidate, before fading from relevancy. A substantial majority of the middle, upper middle, and upper class voted for Duterte according to exit polls. There are strong indications that the elite opposition is now angling to repeat this pattern by inducing the military to withdraw its support for Duterte and arrange the installation of Robredo. Political System of the Philippines The political system of the Philippines occurs within an organized framework of a presidential, representative, and democratic republic with the president as both the head of state and the head of government within a pluriform multi-party system. Exposing corruption and … Sison stated that “the anti-Duterte groups in the military and police will not act against Duterte unless they see protest mass actions, with hundreds of thousands of participants in the national capital region.”. Both vote buying and vote selling are illegal in the Philippines. One of the national issues prior to President Duterte’s assumption to office was the prevalence of illegal drugs in the country. Influential political families would do everything out of their will just to sustain the abundance of money and to retain the use of power. It is so widespread that citizens of such countries have almost accepted it. Filipinos have the right to be aware of the different potential qualities of politicians and not based on their popularity. The Liberal Party opposition, currently being promoted by the CPP, was allied to Duterte in 2013. One reacts to this power out of fear of the neg-ative results that might occur if one failed to comply. Want us to write one just for you? It insists that the tasks of the revolution in the Philippines are not yet socialist in character, but national and democratic only. GradesFixer. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. The Makabayan Coalition, the legislative umbrella organization of the national democratic movement, pledged support for Duterte and contributed to his super-majority. ABSTRACT 5 1. Abuse of power is the illegitimate use of power, meaning that him/her who is in the superior position than all the other workers has got more knowledge, but uses to make the other workers feel inferior or uses it to his/her advantage for example not making it on time to work, ill- treating workers or using the assets of the company/business as they please. He was set free. One of the purposes in enhancing a voter’s awareness of a political dynasty is to develop in the individual’s mind that political dynasty is prone to error and pure monopolization of power. At the center of these machinations is the Stalinist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the range of organizations that follow its political line, in the national democratic movement. The political crisis in the Philippines has reached a very advanced stage. Are you interested in getting a customized paper? The Commission On Elections (COMELEC) should establish good-quality standards and guidelines to make certain that campaign and educational campaign materials are maximized and utilized appropriately. uses cookies. Soon after, the restoration of the Filipino people’s democratic power ensued under the first Aquino administration, wherein the late Corazon Aquino was enacted as President through the “1986 People Power Revolution”. 2020 Jul 14 [cited 2020 Dec 10]. In a talk delivered to the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS) on September 11, Sison outlined the scenario: a military coup. Power is abused, probably a million times a day, the world over. services and carry out advocacy work. During those momentous four days of February 1986, millions of Filipinos, along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Metro Manila, and in cities all over the country, showed exemplary courage and stood against, and peacefully overthrew, the dictatorial regime of President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Decades later, the Proclamation No. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Each one of them have their own sets of weaknesses and strengths, and the main duties of the rightful Filipinos are to be aware, to correct the wrong doings of the officials, to use their freedom of speech and lastly to be the judge of what those elected officials are capable of doing for the service of Filipinos and the country. History kept repeating itself, with anomalies after anomalies in each presidency, showing that voters are not changing their norms. The executive level in the Philippines political hierarchy comprises of the President and the Vice – President. Duterte also received the enthusiastic backing of the national democratic movement, the wide range of parties and sectoral organizations that follow the political line of the Stalinist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Coercive Power The coercive power base is defined by French and Raven as being dependent on fear. However, more effort is still needed in the Philippines in order to address the problems of alcohol abuse.9 Country background information Total population 2003 79 999 000 Life expectancy at birth (2002) Male 65.1 Adult (15+) 51 199 360 Female 71.7 As Duterte reoriented the alignment of Philippine foreign policy away from Washington, layers of the elite most closely tied to Washington became increasingly displeased. He has shut down ABS-CBN, the largest media company in the country, which operated television and radio networks, and has refused to renew its franchise. This e-book is a college textbook for the course, Philippine History with Politics, Government, and the Philippines Constitution. Tax evasion Corruption erodes trust, weakens democracy, hampers economic development and further exacerbates inequality, poverty, social division and the environmental crisis. We can custom edit this essay into an original, 100% plagiarism free essay. Workers have their own interests, independent of every section of the capitalist class. As he criticized the federal government for not doing enough to help the city, he continued to act in the interest of making himself richer. You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. Alas, many of us are abusing this power. With the presence of influential political clans in the Philippines, the abuse of power and the manipulation of the public are evident in the society. The ruling-class opposition is looking to shore up the power of the state, under a semblance of competent leadership, by removing the increasingly despised Duterte. If my argument is sound, I think it is difficult to argue that Judge Taylor’s decision was an abuse of power. Attention! The CPP itself backed Duterte in 2016. This is mainly because most lawmakers come from political dynasties. Pssst… I think political abuse occurs because political parties become overwhelmed with power and because they do not want to serve everyone. Political dynasties are often linked to a particular… The case was appealed before the Philippine Supreme Court. 2020 © However, many Filipinos are still selling their votes instead of making the right vote that can change the future of our nation. A man who abuses his bodily power to subjugate a woman for his (power) pleasure, or who abuses her economic dependence on him to … He was convicted of murder and sentenced to prison. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. These concerns are doubtless shared by sections of the top military brass. By clicking “Send”, you agree to our Terms of service and Privacy statement. We define corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Marcos, a young lawyer with no trial experience, represented himself and won the appeal. With democracy currently being attributed to a human being’s right of suffrage, it is important to note that voting in the Philippines did not become democratic in nature until after the World War II where Filipinos first voted for the President, Vice-President, and members of the Senate and Congress. Among the key institutions in the Philippines perceived to be most corrupt based on the Global Corruption Index are “political parties,” “judiciary,” “police,” “public officials and civil servants,” and “legislature.” This means all branches of the Philippine government are now challenged. It rests on the By having more legal actions and debates about issues concerning this phenomenon the entirety of the legislative branch of the Philippine government would have the spur to work on substantial laws that may benefit all the citizens of the country. These social layers were enthusiastic about Duterte’s law-and-order agenda, including his promise to violently suppress the poor through a “war on drugs.” His right-wing, fascistic rhetoric appealed to them as a means of preventing the emergence of social unrest, which would jeopardize their property interests. For the past elections, Filipinos voted under the basis of their mere emotions and guts. Sison declared that a majority of military officers were either “patriotic or pro-US,” and that these two factions constituted the basis for the withdrawal of military support from Duterte. Honorable families can obtain more political opportunities in any democratic nation in spite of its political structure, culture, economy, or history. Duterte took office in 2016, with more support from the wealthiest layers of Philippines society than any other candidate. Duterte has thus downplayed the Philippine claim to the disputed waters in the South China Sea, and ended involvement in some of the most aggressive US war games in the region. ... widespread official corruption and abuse of power. In other words, many voters can also be considered as abusive to their power – the power to vote. The CPP’s long-standing pretext for the concessions and support that it provides to its elite allies is that these are a necessary component of peace negotiations. When Ferdinand Marcos was twenty years old he was arrested for conspiracy in the murder of one of his father’s political rivals. The political crisis in the Philippines has reached a very advanced stage. A section of the capitalist class will therefore, they argue, play a progressive role. Often, people in power will use their influence to make sure that their family remains in power and passes to people they're related to. 31/1999 on the Eradication of Corruption. Political abuse is very rampant in some countries. The role of a mass movement of workers and youth in this schema would be to encourage the military to withdraw its support. Who President Duterte can or cannot appoint has become relevant in view of the move of the President to reset this year’s synchronized barangay and … This essay has been submitted by a student. Similarly, abuse of power takes place when a person in authority makes the wrong use of the power bestowed on it to commit an unlawful act for personal gains or other reasons. The Philippines was a colony of US imperialism for fifty years, and the political and economic power of the elite has been built around the economic interests of its former colonial master. The Philippine military was built from the ground up by Washington, and many of its leadership graduated from West Point, or received training in Annapolis. Whereas administrative sanctions applying to abuse of authority are specified in the Law No. She called on all “democratic forces to build the broadest united front” behind these arrangements with Robredo, and held out the possibility of the “ouster” of Duterte. 25. 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