Backcountry camps along the Wonderland Trail are extremely popular throughout the summer and Wilderness Camping Reservations are strongly recommended. Eighteen trailside camps, 3 to 7 miles apart, are located along the Wonderland Trail. Lastly, know it's possible to hike the Wonderland Trail without a permit – you just have to complete the 93-mi / 150-km loop in three days. make healthier decisions) and I think I did a solid job fueling my three-day circuit of the Wonderland Trail. BY PRIVATE TRANSPORT: If you poke around the internets, I am sure you can find (actually, not so sure) various companies offering rides to/from various trailheads within Mount Rainier National Park. Hitchhiking in Washington is illegal on freeways, but not on the on-ramps (but don't quote me on this). Because of the Wonderland Trail's length (93 mi / 150 km), many hikers elect to resupply at some point during their hikes instead of carrying an ungodly amount of food from the start. If you have any suggestions for new foods to try, let me know in the comments! I’ve only seen glimpses of the mountain from here though. Mowich Lake is a free, primitive campground (pit toilets) with a self-registration booth in the parking lot. This track should be used for illustrative purposes only and should NOT be used for navigation. Here are some of my favorite snacks/meals from the trail: I'm always looking for new (and especially healthier) backpacking meals and snacks. During your hike, you’ll pass by all of the camps anyway. July and August are the driest months of the year at Mount Rainier and are therefore also the most popular months to hike the Wonderland Trail. Review of Summerland Campsite: As one of the two most popular campsites on the Wonderland Trail (the other is Indian Bar), it is undoubtedly scenic, with a great view of Mount Rainier especially at sunset. Camping along the trail outside of these campsites is not allowed. Wonderland Trail Campgrounds; Wonderland Elevation Profile; Wilderness Permits at Mount Rainier; Maps at Mount Rainier; Roads Status at Rainier; Note: Summer comes late to Washington -- you may still encounter snow until mid-July in some places. Probably, yeah. Heading clockwise, the Wonderland Trail has five sustained climbs over 2,000 ft / 610 m. Heading counterclockwise, there are six. Before leaving Vancouver, I found myself thinking about the future unknowns. They have a nice restaurant and a lounge area where you can relax by the fire. Want to know how far you are from the next campsite or water source? For a longer hike, you can add the spray park trail to this loop to create a 48 mile trip through the entire northern section of Mount Rainier National Park. More on this hike here. On a clear day you have amazing views of the west side of Tahoma. This hike is about 33 miles. USPS, UPS, or FedEx, Mount Rainier National Park For more info and to make reservations, check out, Paradise Inn is located in the town of Paradise. Wonderland Trail itinerary planner Build a custom itinerary for hiking Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail. This would be a great place to stay the night before you start your hike or for a rest day in the middle of your hike. The nearest Wonderland Trail wilderness camp is Paradise River. Applications are processed beginning April 1 in a random order (i.e. Some have even less. Is the Wonderland Trail worth it? The bear hang for the individual sites can get crowded though. Carbon River Ranger Station P.O. warmer temperatures), you probably want to invest in some repellant as mosquitoes can be bad (I am a big fan of, The location the cache is being picked up at, The approximate date the cache is being picked up (if known), You must mail or hand-deliver your food caches, The park suggests mailing your cache so it arrives. Here are the distances between the tree frontcountry campgrounds: All three of these campgrounds are accessible via car (Mowich Lake Campground requires 16 mi / 26 km of travel down an unpaved road). Remember, your permit governs where you camp, not where you start/end. You may want to schedule fewer miles for these days. This guide is organized in a clockwise direction starting from Longmire. All Rights Reserved. There are four ranger stations where Wonderland Trail permits may be picked up or applied for as a walk-up. After my first night at Mystic Lake camp, I basically woke up in a puddle. via UPS or FedEx (PREFERRED), Mount Rainier National Park The Spray Park Trail is a popular alternate route for Wonderland Trail thru-hikers. This guide outlines all of the Wonderland Trail campsites. Hikers opting to take Spray Park will miss the climb up and over Ipsut Pass (5,118 ft / 1,560 m), and will instead climb to 6,400 ft / 1,951 m on the western slope of Mount Rainier. The only way to reach the Wonderland Trail is by car. I would have been much happier stopping one camp before. Spots on the Wonderland Trail fill up quickly, and by April, the park generally stops accepting permit applications (for the Wonderland Trail). The Wonderland Trail is a 93-mile hiking trail that encircles Washington's most famous volcano. In Longmire, you can access the internet at the wilderness information center, use flush toilets, visit a small shop for supplies, and get permits. Hiking the Wonderland Trail is not a dangerous activity. As you would expect from a national park, the physical trail is brilliantly maintained and there is infrastructure for every water crossing. During that time, everything soaked through and never dried out. When you cut that distance in half (because you're going down half the time), the elevation gain per mile averages out to 500 ft per mile (94 m per km). The Wonderland Trail offers many dramatic views; here a suspension bridge over the Tahoma Creek provides a breathtaking scene. Best to get a hitch that's actually driving into the park (you won't cost them anything extra for being in the car). The trail circumnavigates (goes in a circle around) Mount Rainier, the highest peak in Washington at 14,411 ft / 4,392 m. It's a popular trail and requires hikers to apply for a permit ($20 application fee per group of up to 12 people) in advance – more on Wonderland Trail permits, including walk-up permits, below. Generally, the campsites on the Wonderland are large spaces a little bit off trail, and well-signed. Find walking maps and … If you walk into the park (past a checkpoint) there is a “per person” fee of $15 (this applies to bicycles as well). There is no wilderness or non-wilderness camping at Longmire. This is a non-wilderness camp that is located in the Southeast corner of the park. Critics say this unduly limits backpacking , while other praise the policy and suggest it provides a superior wilderness experience for both day hikers and backpackers. Luckily, there are three frontcountry campsites spaced fairly evenly around the Wonderland Trail, Mowich Lake Campground, Cougar Rock Campground, and White River Campground. Under each campsite name, I list the elevation, distances to the nearest sites, facilities, terrain, and more. *More on permits (including how to hike the Wonderland Trail without a permit) below. I'm always looking to improve my hiking guides (and, more specifically, Wonderland Trail-specific information), if you have any suggestions to improve or update this guide, please leave a comment below or get in touch. In Mount Rainier National Park, a permit is required to camp at wilderness campsites. Parties with 6-12 people will need a camp that has a group site. I started my Wonderland Trail hike in mid-September. There are no public transportation options for getting to Mount Rainier National Park. Maps. WALK-UP/DAY-OF PERMITS: Approximately 30% of the wilderness permits for Mount Rainier National Park are reserved for in-person walk-ups. Hiking this route takes you through all the beauty that the national park has to offer in one trip. Camping in undesignated sites is permitted within crosscountry and alpine zones is also possible by permit only. The highest point on the Wonderland Trail is Panhandle Gap (6,750 ft / 2,060 m); the lowest point on the Wonderland Trail is Ipsut Creek Campground (2,300 ft / 701 m). If you do not get a permit, your application fee is not refunded. If you are mailing food ahead to yourself, here are the addresses for each of the locations (NOTE: not all locations accept USPS, UPS, and FedEX – confirm the address and shipping method before sending out your resupply). Is it the greatest thing ever and should you be crushed if you don't end up getting a permit? Also, if you're planning on hiking the Wonderland Trail beginning after September 28, you are required to get a walk-up permit (first come, first served). The campground is signed right on the trail, and each site within the space has a number. You can make a reservation here. Copyright 2020 - Where The Road Forks. Basically, you just have to know that there are some serious climbs. I’ll also outline the camps of the Spray Park Trail and the Northern Loop in case you decide to hike an alternate route of the Wonderland Trail. If you don't end up getting a permit for the Wonderland Trail and hanging out in the park waiting to score a walk-up permit isn't your idea of a good time, you try for a permit for the Enchantments or opt to hike in North Cascades National Park instead. Some days you’ll be climbing all day. How many days does it take to hike the Wonderland Trail? The 93 mile (150 km) Wonderland Trail encircles beautiful Mount Rainier. No, it's certainly not that. Use this guide to help you put together your itinerary before applying for your permit. Mount Rainier can receive 700 or more inches of snow each winter. 70002 SR 410 East There are three main trailhead options that have both camping and parking. Longmire; 2. Will they have a plastic bucket for our food cache? A stay here will add a couple of miles to your itinerary. There are 18 backcountry campsites on Wonderland Trail and two on the Spray Park Route. Rainier. There is a $20.00 reservation fee if made in advance. Basically, the Spray Park alternate is slightly shorter, adds a fair amount of climbing, and is more scenic than the official Wonderland Trail. Individual sites can accommodate up to five people and group sites allow for up to twelve. The diversity of ecosystems keeps the trail feeling fresh. Use this unofficial tool to plan your hiking itinerary for the Wonderland Trail. When I was putting together my walk up itinerary with the ranger, she informed me that ‘record precip’ was expected over the next couple of days. When spring comes to the mountains it is a very busy time for Park Rangers. Lowland forests along the Wonderland Trail Laura Lancaster Unlike other trails in the Pacific Northwest, the Wonderland Trail doesn’t just require a permit, it also requires you to choose your campsites in advance of your trip. Adjust individual days in the generated itinerary below. Le Wonderland Trail est un sentier de randonnée long de 150 km qui fait le tour du mont Rainier, un imposant volcan [1], [2].Le sentier parcourt une région très vallonnée de la chaîne des Cascades.Le Panhandle Gap, le sommet du sentier culmine à 2 057 m [3] tandis que le point le plus bas atteint 700 m au niveau du campement d'Ipsut Creek [1]. They have a nice restaurant and a lounge area where you can relax by the fire. The Wonderland Trail is a 93 mile trail that circumnavigates Mount Rainier (Talol, Tahoma) in Mount Rainier National Park. For more general information, check out my guide: The National Park Inn is located in the town of Longmire. When you apply for a permit you’ll have to choose the campsites that you’d like to sleep at. Longmire, WA 98397 The Wonderland Trail has eighteen trailside wilderness camps and three non-wilderness camps. Maybe this is why people tend to go clockwise? But, we had completed the entire Wonderland Trail on schedule! One hundred miles is a great distance, especially if you’re savvy enough to get your pack weight to a manageable number. Camps along the Northern Loop Trail from East to West include: If you’re having trouble putting together an itinerary or you want to break up the trip a bit with a hotel stay in the middle, you have a few options including: The National Park Inn is located in the town of Longmire. For more info and to make reservations, check out their website. At the end of the day, this doesn’t really matter. Camping along the Wonderland Trail is only allowed in one of the 21 designated campsites (18 backcountry and 3 frontcountry). Worried about getting lost? The closest Wonderland Trail camp is probably Nickel Creek. Camping along the Wonderland Trail is extremely popular throughout the summer and wilderness camping reservations are essential for many of the most popular campsites. ATTN: Longmire WIC, White River Campground OR Sunrise Visitor Center Klapatche is one of the sought after campsites on the Wonderland Trail because it’s up real high in an alpine park. Sure, some camps offer better views and facilities. And campsites are limited: most stops on the trail only have about six sites. A communal food hanging bear pole is there. I loved this trek, as did the two other guys in my group- one of which doesn’t even particularly like hiking (a fact we learned on day two- go figure). If you're feeling ambitious, the hike can be done in three days (or fewer if you're truly a beast), but most hikers choose itineraries calling for six to eight days. And if you are really dead set on hiking it, just head to the park with plenty of time to spare and try for a walk-up permit. The link for applications doesn't go live until March 15, and you can find it on the Mount Rainier National Park wilderness permit page. Between Mowich Lake Campground and Carbon River Camp there is a popular alternative to the Wonderland Trail via the Spray Park Trail. You can check the status of the park's roads here. However, getting a permit for a Wonderland Trail hike can be a pain (if you don't get one via the lottery). The views are spectacular. You can, Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wonderland Trail Campsites, How to Plan a Wonderland Trail Through Hike, Is Camping Safe? This is America, people here don't believe in public transportation. To stay a bit more dry, the ranger helped me choose camps that were at lower elevations with good tree cover. If you’re traveling a clockwise direction, the Spray Park Trail splits off from the Wonderland Trail at Mowich Lake and Rejoins near Carbon River camp. Most of the wilderness camps only have 4-6 sites. A campsite costs $20 per night. Each camp has 1 to 8 sites for 1 to 5 persons per site. The closest major cities are Seattle, Tacoma, and Yakima in Washington or Portland, Oregon. Get the, If you're hiking in the middle of the summer (i.e. The previous fall usually brings the rainy season which causes damage to trails and camps by raging waters, high winds and falling trees. Avoiding Wild Animals, Insects, and Injuries, Poncho Vs Rain Jackets for Hiking: Pros and Cons, guide to avoiding bear encounters while hiking, How to Get a Wonderland Trail Walk-Up Permit. Rainier (also known as Tahoma) it is the most topographically prominent mountain in the lower 48. However, most of the Wonderland Trail lies below 6,000 ft / 1,829 m. The only sections of the trail above this altitude are those between Summerland and Indian Bar and between Granite Creek and Sunrise. Regardless of which way you decide to hike, you will be doing a lot of climbing (and descending). There are four locations where Wonderland Trail hikers can cache food: Food caches can be dropped off in-person prior to the beginning of your hike or mailed ahead to the park. This is a GPS track for the Wonderland Trail. Campsites are 100 yards from a water source. Hundreds of people do it every year without incident. Check out my support page for more ways to help make the internet a more hiker-friendly place. The open air pit toilet is on the other side of Puyallup River. The campsites along the Wonderland Trail are basic but well placed and maintained. With over 23,000 ft / 7,010 m of elevation gain (although my GPS recorded 25,293 ft / 7,709 m), that works out to just under 250 ft of elevation gain per mile (48 m per km) – assuming you're climbing for all 93 mi / 150 km. June and September are also relatively dry, at least compared to the rest of the year, but you can also expect slightly lower temperatures during these months. You can apply for a permit online in advance starting on March 15 of each year or try your luck at getting a walk-up permit at one of the wilderness information centers (WIC). UPS or FedEx, Mount Rainier National Park Camping along the Wonderland Trail is only allowed in one of the 21 designated campsites (18 backcountry and 3 frontcountry). The Wonderland Trail is popular for a reason – it's a beautifully maintained trail around an impressive and imposing mountain (that's Mount Rainier, in case you're somehow reading this and don't already know this). If it does, check the one at the group site. Wonderland Trail camps number 18, they’re situated three to seven miles apart, and reservations are required. Reservations made in March may take up to six weeks to process (mid-May). That said, hitchhiking is technically illegal within Mount Rainier National Park, but I would be surprised if a ranger gave you trouble for hitchhiking somewhere safe and out of the road. The Trail Crew clearing a large tree from the Wonderland Trail . Carbonado, WA 98323, Mount Rainier National Park The North Puyallup CG is 200 yards off the Wonderland Trail. Campfires are not permitted at any of the wilderness camps. I've marked the ranger stations, trailheads, and points of interest. It is on many a backpacker’s bucket list! Because of rodents (the threat is real, one got into my car at Mowich Lake Campground), all food caches are required to be in a plastic and clearly labeled container. I know what you mean about hating to have to get to specific sites. HITCHHIKING: If you can make it out of the city and past the major freeways/highways, I am sure that hitchhiking in would be possible. I'm constantly trying to evolve my backcountry food game (i.e. A campsite costs $20 per night. I need to update this site as that story is some time ago and I don’t know if camping would still be so cheap. The permit people get for the Wonderland Trail allows for camping in the backcountry; there's no permit needed for hiking during the day. Disperse camping is not permitted in the park. Each year, hikers vie for permits to embark on a backpacking trip on it, with only a handful scoring the permits to undertake this strenuous hike. It helped somewhat but I still got wet. We needed something large enough but still form-fitting enough to allow us to run comfortably, so ideally in the 15-20 litre range. Subscribe to my Newsletter for New Posts and Exclusive Content! See more ideas about wonderland trail, camping and hiking, outdoors adventure. You are required to have a permit to camp on the trail. This 16 miles stretch of trail takes offers a high elevation alternative to the low elevation Ipsut Creek section of the Wonderland Trail. There are also two backcountry campsites located along the Spray Park Trail, Eagle's Roost and Cataract Valley. Remember, there are a handful of campsites within 2 mi / 3.2 km of the Wonderland Trail that you can stay at as well (if you want to be flexible with your itinerary to increase your chances of getting a permit). Wonderland Trail walk-up permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis at each of the four ranger stations. If you want to follow along, you can find the Mount Rainier National Park wilderness planner (including a map with distances) here. If you don't know what you should be packing for a trip like this, you probably shouldn't be hitting the Wonderland Trail, but there are a few things that are worth highlighting/pointing out just in case. If you've got your own car and frequent the national parks, you should probably get an America the Beautiful National Parks Pass if you don't already have one (unlimited entry to all national parks for a year). The sites are first come, first serve. There is also a cool box canyon next to the road between Snow Creek and Nickel Creek (there are also bathrooms and trash cans here). Most camps are built in the trees which provide a bit of protection from the rain and wind. Most camps have group sites for parties between 6 and 12 people. Traildino grading: SW, Strenuous walk, mountain trail; Hut tour grading: T2, Mountain walk. The first thing we started to nerd out on was our packs. BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Unfortunately, this is not an option. Thanks for your comments re the wonderland trail. You may choose to hike either clockwise or counterclockwise and you may begin your hike from wherever you would like. There are a number of different starting points for the Wonderland Trail and it can be hiked clockwise or counterclockwise. Hopefully, you found this post useful. I hiked the Wonderland Trail over three days in September and had one day of rain, one day of clouds, and one beautiful day of most glorious sun. The closest Wonderland Trail camp is probably Nickel Creek. You could probably get by just carrying a liter of water at a time. All that math works out, right? They are not all evenly spaced. Most are located near a water source. Wonderland Trail, 149 km, 93 miles, about 10 days. With a 10 day itinerary, we decided to take advantage of only one cache location, and that was at Longmire. If you have a shorter itinerary, you need to reserve fewer campsites. A stay here will add a couple of miles to your itinerary. Washington and the Pacific Northwest is notorious for rain. Lowland forests along the Wonderland Trail Laura Lancaster. Will we find a campsite at Mt. This offers kind of a mini Wonderland Trail experience if you don’t want to hike the entire 93 miles. You should probably invest in the, Carrying a phone? There’s no fee for walk-ins. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting a Wonderland Trail permit. In addition to log crossings (with railings), you'll find the Tahoma Creek Suspension Bridge between Devil's Dream and South Puyallup River. White River WIC Sometimes the next camp is just a couple of miles down the trail and sometimes it’s up to 7 miles away. If you can get to Tacoma, Washington, it's about $100 for an Uber to Longmire (or $150 from Seattle) – not terrible if you're a group of four. There are 18 designated backcountry camping areas along the Wonderland Trail. We did camp here in 2018. Cougar Rock and White River Campgrounds are full-service campgrounds (flushing toilets) with campsite fees of $20 each. The Wonderland Trail is 93 miles long, includes 22,000' of elevation gain and loss, and circumnavigates the tallest point in Washington: Mt. Spray Falls (via the Spray Park Trail) is also a popular day hike from Mowich Lake Campground. If you don’t get a space in all of your chosen camps, don’t worry about it too much. Ohanapecosh Camp lies a few miles off of the Wonderland Trail. Scott & Rachel's Wonderland Trail Journal "Reservations" Day Zero - Sunday, August 12th (Entry by Scott) - The things we worry about. On this amazing adventure, we’ll run the entire Wonderland Trail, all the way around Mt. Unfortunately, the week I chose turned out to be very wet. Your time on the Wonderland Trail will be split above and below the tree line – which is 6,500 to 7,500 ft (1,980 to 2,286 m) in Mount Rainier National Park. The Wonderland Trail is a 93-mile (150 km) circuit located in Washington's Mount Rainier National Park with over 23,000 ft / 7,090 m of elevation gain. However, is good to remember that the Wonderland traverses a rugged wilderness environment, with all its inherent risks and dangers. If you want more recommendations on backpacking gear, check out my current gear list or gear reviews. Wonderland Trail Wilderness Campsites Each Wonderland Trail wilderness camp is equipped with a basic bathroom, bear hang or bear box for storing food, and flat sites where you can set up your tent. “How do I get a Wonderland Trail permit?” The first hurdle to a Wonderland Trail hike. The park rangers at MtRNP do an excellent job accommodating campsite requests - so if you're lucky enough to get a trail permit, but it isn't exactly as you hoped for, don't fear - just ask the ranger at check-in for the sites you would like and see what happens. You don’t have to worry about water availability too much on this trail. Rainier, since we will be pulling in so late? Day Hikes and Overnights. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Unlike other trails in the Pacific Northwest, the Wonderland Trail doesn’t just require a permit, it also requires you to choose your campsites in advance of your trip. For Wonderland Trail permits, the limiting factor is campsite availability. Privacy Policy. I've found that not eating only chocolate on trail can really improve my performance (and mood). Rainier National Park, is one of the world’s most dramatic and scenic trails. Mar 30, 2020 - Explore Melissa Franz's board "Wonderland Trail" on Pinterest. Each Wonderland Trail wilderness camp is equipped with a basic bathroom, bear hang or bear box for storing food, and flat sites where you can set up your tent. While you’re hiking, you’ll come across plenty of water sources. You’re just going to be sleeping at camp anyway for the most part. My Favorite Underrated Campsite On The Wonderland Trail This is a little throwback post for the Nature Writing Challenge that takes me back to my hike of the Wonderland Trail back in 2015… I remember when I as planning my hike and itinerary, the decision on which campsites … Tips for trekking Mount Rainier on the Wonderland Trail. One of the iconic backpacking trips in Washington and Mount Rainier’s premier trail, the Wonderland Trail circumnavigates Mt. In descending order of popularity, they are as follows: 1. The nearby creek is great to hang out by. Some of them have water nearby, some are dry camps. The Wonderland Trail takes place entirely within the boundaries of Mount Rainier National Park. The nearest Wonderland Trail wilderness camp is Paradise River. Rainier, the highest peak in Washington and the Cascade Mountain Range. Your permit lists the name of your camp and the date that you are permitted to camp there. Eighteen trailside camps, 3 to 7 miles (5 to 11 km) apart, are located along the Wonderland Trail. A backcountry permit for Mount Rainier National Park allows for a maximum stay of 14 nights, which means that if you want to complete the Wonderland Trail on a single permit, you will need to average at least 6.64 mi / 10.69 mi per day. BY CAR: To get to Mount Rainier National Park via car, you will need to pay an entry fee of $30 (per vehicle, not person). What are your favorite Wonderland Trail campsites? Each camp has a composting toilet and a nearby water source. The cost to apply for a permit is $20 per group (max 12) per trip (max 14 consecutive nights). The Wonderland Trail is quite literally, a walk in a park. APPLYING ONLINE: You can apply online for a Wonderland Trail permit beginning March 15 each year. The Wonderland Trail has a pretty serious elevation change of about 22,000 feet (6700 meters). Even with all of the rain, I still had a great hike. Here is a list of all the campsites along the Wonderland Trail with distances to the next campsite (in each direction). Consider this as you plan your hike. The Wonderland Trail doesn’t pass through paradise but it does pass nearby. You must pick up your permit in person at a Ranger Station no sooner than the day before your trip's start date (or before 10:00 am on the first day of your trip). Ohanapecosh Camp lies a few miles off of the Wonderland Trail. The terrain is challenging, yet rewarding. The rain added to the atmosphere. Most wilderness camps are located between 3 and 7 miles apart. Many hikers choose to hike a loop by taking the Northern Loop Trail out and the Wonderland Trail back. Campsites along the spray park trail traveling clockwise from Mowich Lake include: This 15.5 mile trail forks off from the Wonderland Trail near Sunrise and meats back up in the Carbon River Valley between Carbon River camp and Ipsut Creek. You must camp at a designated site. A handful of camps have a shelter. Decide if this trek is an endurance test, or if you want to take your time and enjoy the experience and many beautiful campsites. Most camps have group sites for parties between 6 and 12 people. Longmire Wilderness Information Center Photo by dutch. 35415 Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East There is really no reason to stay here unless all of the nearby camps are booked up. For more general information, check out my guide: How to Plan a Wonderland Trail Hike. This improves your chances of getting a permit. I ended up hiking for a couple of hours in the dark. The Wonderland Trail is aptly named. Here are some example itineraries (all going clockwise): As discussed in the permit section above, you can also hike the Wonderland Trail without in permit if it's done as a three-day trip: Most people would probably consider the Wonderland Trail a long-distance backpacking trip, and so it's generally recommended that you pack appropriately for what could be an adventure of up to 15 days (if you're really taking advantage of those 14 nights allowed by the permit). National Park Service policy has been to limit the number and capacity of campsites. Rainier in Mt. They are: NOTE: After September 28, permits are only available at Longmire (daily) or the Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise (weekends only). To help you build your itinerary and pick out campsites, look at the elevation gain or loss between sites. Safety on the Wonderland Trail. For more info on the hotel check out their, This is a non-wilderness camp that is located in the Southeast corner of the park.