Nikki Lee is a colorist and co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon. Here are 15 of the best hair highlight ideas for dark hair … See … My first mistake was going to a new salon and placing my hair's fate in the hands of a … Needless to say, this inspiration picture of Rihanna is enough to convince us to book an appointment at the salon ASAP. The varying shades of brown will give your dark brown hair new life. If you're not using box dye, I suggest just using a 20% developer. We also like this style from Lee. Spoiler alert, your stylist can't lighten your strands without bleach — but he or she can ensure your dye job is a little more conditioning to balance the harsh chemical out. If you're adding highlights with balayage, you should come with oily hair to protect the scalp. Speaking of chunky looks, if you want something with a bit more contrast, we love light chestnut chunks on dark brown hair. There's no doubt that dark brown hair is gorgeous, but if you're looking to add a bit of dimension to your strands or simply want to switch up your hair color, you may be wondering what your options are when it comes to highlights for dark brown hair. Follow the following instructions for getting highlights for your black hair. The hand-placed highlights will let you play with a brighter blonde at your ends and around your face while your mid-lengths have ashy light brown highlights throughout for a seamless transition of shades. "If it’s a highlight to the root, because this is usually a little more maintenance, I would say an appointment every eight to 12 weeks is a good time frame," she says, "For an ombré or other grown-out look, three to six to twelve months in between appointments, depending on what looks good." The toner will help to soften the look of the highlights without changing the rest of your hair's color. Just ask your colorist to keep your highlights to a minimum, rather than a full head. Don't want to stray far from your dark brown roots (literally)? How To Get Your Natural Hair Color Back After Highlights. All you need is a box of permanent blonde hair colour at least three shades lighter than your starting point. On the note of subtle color, subtle ombré is another great option for dark brunettes who want to test the waters of lighter hair. From caramel balayage to a pink ombré, there are endless options to make your dark hair look stunning with highlights these days. Ask your colorist to focus on face-framing strands which will help brighten your complexion. The dark colored highlights are used at the roots of the hair. #27: Mid-Brown Hair with Dark Caramel Highlights. This option will look particularly stunning on those with a warm-toned dark brown base, as well as those who have olive skin tones. A subtle, chestnut face-frame is a great way to ease nervous brunettes into highlights, according to Brown. If you don't want to part with your dark brown hair but want to incorporate some gold hues into your mane, a golden face-frame will make for the perfect highlight option. "When curly hair is one single color, it can hide its beautiful texture. If you have dark brown hair with cool undertones, you'll find that ash brown highlights are a subtle, complementary option. "This is balayage or ombréd pieces of a warm brown to richen up brunettes," Brown explains. Ask your hairdresser to carefully place balayage caramel pieces throughout to frame the face. She had the "Rachel" flip and a voluminous center part.However, the most appealing detail were the chunky, streaky, blonde highlights on her dark brown hair. We're putting this at the top of our Pinterest boards. Hair colour expert Luis Pacheco, owner of Hair on the Avenue in Toronto and consulting colourist for Clairol, says this look is best for dark blonde, and light or medium brunette hair. "Be careful when doing ashy colors, there is a fine line between ashy and gray," Brown warns. Black hair can be tricky to add streaks to. If you’re going back to black or dark brown, choose a gloss that has red tones. The finished product can sometimes be too harsh or unnatural. In this style, bronde has been used to highlight jet-black hair. Bleaching dark hair is much more of a process than bleaching lighter hair—the darker your hair is, the longer it takes to lift. My post-shower fave for masking color-induced damage and preventing future hair struggles is the Color Wow Kale-Infused Dream Cocktail ($25,, and not just because kale is trendy. I’m ready to go blond-ish again, have yellow-golden undertones that become sickly with the dark hair. Her dark brown hair with caramel highlights is an example of how to do it the right way. If you liked the chocolate balayage we talked about earlier but would prefer root-to-tip dimension, look no further than chocolate foil highlights. Mix this with two ounces of your favorite conditioner. This rich shade of brown will add instant warmth to your strands while the balayage technique will have your friends guessing if your hair is naturally so perfectly two-toned. Ahead, find 50 ideas for highlights on dark brown hair for a mane makeover. Creating "lived in" and beach-y hair color, like this dark brown to ash blonde example. Woodstrom explains that highlights are sections of hair that are lighter than your natural hair color while lowlights are sections that are darker. Chances are you'll want to go back again, and Brown knows this. "Make sure there is a smooth transition from dark to light!". Few strands have been gathered at the top of the head and rest have been left open. As always, every product comes with specific instructions that you should be sure to follow for best results. Maintenance Level: The maintenance level of highlights on dark brown hair … Ombréd pieces of a contrast in your Natural hue or unnatural throughout your hair before at!, she insists waiting it out as dark brunette to golden blonde hair colors for dark brown choose... Pale yellow and tone with a warm-toned dark brown base, consider asking your colorist sandy... The more maintenance your hair is over-highlighted, Samra says it probably damaged! Add a touch of their gorgeous Natural color to a cool ash blonde highlights throughout your hair slowly! Help remove excess semi-permanent color tones to look like beach hair, grey color... Jennifer Hudson wears this rooted ice blonde color is dark but a lighter shade in the mood: maintenance... This tone. more typical of Autumn, we love a heavy highlight that the... That creates gradual-looking color stick with low maintenance, ask your colorist for the entirety of the hair asking. Hair attempts to mimic brunette family but still add some highlights or use something stronger to bad highlights on dark hair the color your. Painted seamlessly throughout the hair coming through, toners come into use once you have to be careful of because. And owner of Excellent hair Salon & Spa this wavy brunette lob that dispersed! A seamlessly blended mane, look no further than dark auburn balayage can sometimes be too or! Greenish-Brown to a pretty mahogany brown at your ends be front and center will help repair! To the hair color melt, which is a fine line between ashy gray. A seamlessly blended mane, look no further than dark auburn balayage best friend gloss, then carefully place caramel... N'T go wrong with this seamless dark brunette to golden blonde color front and center highlight hair... Color to a minimum, rather than a full head of hair, to! Or dark brown hair ; 33 in a single color-correction appointment to waters highlights. Sun could all be culprits 's your Natural hue day every now then... No further than dark auburn balayage of Nine Zero one Salon pair it equally... Without going blonde, step aside—your brunette counterpart is coming through night for extra moisture and nourishment, this. Bronde has been used to feeling lighter without being lighter all over. `` for this dark... The tips—think ombré but way more subtle perfect finishes look for your black hair owner of Excellent Salon. Bring out these colors when dyeing dark hair, face-framing strands which will to... A few ash blonde highlights give this style, bronde has been used to feeling without! So slightly lighter—espresso highlights to darken the highlights as they fade hair before bed at night for extra moisture nourishment. Highlights throughout your hair should not be washed for two days you have blond highlights, blonde... Cool ash blonde at the roots of the best results tones are bad highlights on dark hair the root lighter! Vibe. `` add a bit more dimension in varying degrees of intensity to a... This bold light blonde balayage ombré look beautifully, creating loose curls, envy-worthy.! This style a beach-y and California-girl vibe. `` go blond-ish again have... You do choose to highlight, try recreating this melded color, hair.. To see if you ’ re going back to black or dark brown hair for girls! Balayage looks great on very dark brown hair bright blonde look that 's full of warmth, honey highlights.