It means that it can be used for two cats or more. Think of a cat tree as your cat’s fortress. The FirstWell PCT020 cat tree is an excellent small tree for large cats. They want to play, relax and enjoy all that a cat tree has to offer. Whether you own one large cat or multiple small ones, this tree allows your cat enjoy activities such as scratching, climbing, and jumping when he isn’t snuggling on your lap or cozying on the couch. Anyone with a feline friend knows just how much they love to scale your furniture, hide in nooks, and scratch to their little heart’s content. Our guide will take you through the best cat trees for large cats and smaller cats. This will be their personal space that they can use to play, scratch, climb, hide, exercise, and challenge themselves throughout the day. This cat tree is actually designed for cats that weigh as high as 32 pounds. There is even room for another cat friend even if it is also large. This is very hard to achieve nowadays. A big kitty may not fit into the entrance of the hide box or may knock the tree over if they jump on it and put too much weight on the base. The ArmarKat X5703 cat tree looks like a huge tree, but it truly isn't. As contrary as it looks, there are really some great small trees for big cats in the market today. Shop for Small Cat Tree in Cat Trees. I didn't want to sacrifice the restricted capacity of my rooms. I was purchasing some of the most ineffective trees from the local pet stores. Hey-brother Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, 2 Plush Cond… Also, it gives the cat tree a more natural and realistic look. The Cat Tree King brings to the market by far one of the biggest and heaviest cat trees on the market with their empire tower. The 5 Top-Rated Cat Trees for Large Cats. This is also a great option for owners with multiple cats looking to provide space and options to avoid fights. Your cat will hardly notice the difference between a real tree and this one. While I was typing this detailed product analysis, there were stunning 3.930 customer reviews. cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for heavy or large cats 4.5 out of 5 … This concludes our ZF-CT001-BE Nice small cat tree for large cat's review. It will be great even if you have small kitties. This is truly the cat tree for those of you that have cats like Maine Coons that are well over the 20 pound range. If you are looking to bring your cat back to the forests that their ancestors used to roam, I … However, it shouldn't take lots of your free space. As a responsible and caring cat owner, you want to make sure that you not only care for your cat’s basic needs (like shelter, food, and water), but also provide an environment that encourages your pet to safely exercise, play, and engage in their natural feline behaviors. Cats can be territorial, and if you have multiple felines you may consider purchasing multiple cat trees or a larger structure that can happily accommodate your cat family. and "It's very sturdy and is perfect for my large feline" and "My felines love the tree and the product seems to be well made" and "This product offers a great amount of quality and my kitten love it". If you look for small cat trees for large cats, you probably don't want the tree to take lots of space. It also assembled in 15 minutes!" As a proud cat owner, you are looking for ways to encourage your kitty’s natural instincts as safely as possible. Just because it has a relatively small base, but is pretty tall, it is designed to be placed in a corner and supported on a wall. There weren't any other issues about the product except for those. I'd advise you to place it in some corner in the living room. It is standing on a wobble-free base and is situated at the perfect height for window watching. Also, it comes in three different colorways you can get, depending on your needs. They are sturdy, made with high-quality materials and loads of room for your cat to do everything it needs to. Finding the right cat tree for your cat can be a challenge with so many options available. ArmarKat - X5703 Small Cat Tree For Large Cats, Pressed Wood with Carpeted Platforms & Perches. One of your first considerations when choosing a cat tree is how many cats are in your home. High at Walmart and save. They gave the product 4.5 out of 5.0 positive stars. As you can imagine, different variations of the little cat tree now exist, from the most extravagant-looking towers to the simplest igloo-inspired cubbyholes. When a giant cat jumps on the top perch, it becomes extremely wobbly if it isn't supported to a wall. Most cat trees are designed for the average-sized kitty (8-11 pounds), not for your “large & in charge” Maine Coon or Savannah cat! At the time of writing this detailed FirstWell PCT020 small cat tree for large cats review, I've stumbled across 6 customer reviews that rated the product 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. I tested this tree on my own, and came to the conclusion that for such an affordable price you receive a lot. The Armarkat Cat tree is one of the large cat trees that build-up cats love. Cat Tree King Tiger Cat Tree for Extra Large Cats, 69 in. $41.99 $ 41. The FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats has two good-sized cat condos. It is built from very rigid pressed wood material that is carpeted with soft tough carpet for optimal comfort level. Others didn't seem to write about issues of this kind. The three perches are each 14 x 14 in square so plenty of room for larger cats to sit upon. You might think of a cat tree as just a luxury for your cat, but it is a safe and interactive space that your cat can claim as their own territory. AIHOME Cat Hammock Cat Tree Accessory Climbing Frame Cats Grab Board Hanging Basket. Companies like Armarkat, BestPet cat tree company build the most durable small trees for big cats on the market today. There are numerous ways you can benefit from a small cat tree for large cats. No customer stated negative point about the tree. With ten (yes, 10!) They said, "I gave the product five stars. It's design is pretty stylish, fancy and decorative. However, I needed to tighten the bolts for it to function up to it's potential". Those two wooden ladders will make the job easier. Huge resting areas and places for sleep will ensure your … Armarkat 68-in Faux Fleece Large Cat Tree & Condo Buy on Chewy This gorgeous faux fleece cat tree and condo from renowned cat tree manufacturers Amarkat is simply perfect for large cats. and "The amount of value and quality you receive for the price cannot be matched." Whether you own one or multiple cats, this OOTORI cat tree has everything you need. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,265. To be totally honest with you, your cats wouldn't find using those small cat trees very comfortable. That colorway goes extremely well with any type of interior in your house. This cat tower has every aspect a cat would love. My cat hates that". On top of that, they are usually cheaper than those floor to ceiling and 8ft cat trees. I truly expected it to be this way. You should keep in mind that not every small cat tree is suitable for big cats. Making this one of the best cat trees for large cats! However, large cats enjoy cat trees just as much as small cats do. It's design is pretty stylish, fancy and decorative. Molly and Friends 54″ Cat Tree 243 – a win-win option for big and heavy cats. New Cat Condos has developed this beautiful cat tree with three different levels and a very wide base that makes the whole cat tree sturdy and capable of withstanding large cats. All of the positive customers and the lack of negative ones, makes recommending this awesome tree to other cat owners a breeze. When it comes to cat trees, it is easy to get lost in the wide range of options available and go beyond your budget. However, they need one that is big enough to make it worth their while. It features both high and low cozy places, plenty of scratching posts, large and small condo, bonus pom-pom ball, and tree perches on the very top for the cats that love to climb on high objects. Cat scratching posts and trees are an ideal play and sleeping place for cats - whether you have a large or a smaller active cat. Another one said, "It's excellent for kitten, but not so effective when they grow up". Each of the three levels spans over 18 inches in width making plenty of room for large cats to stretch, play and sleep. They would prefer a bigger cat tree with large perches and wide platforms. A cat hammock, two condos, ropes, balls, towers, and comfortable plush make this a great mid-range cat tree. Nevertheless, I will try my best to provide you with a perfect tiny cat tree for huge cats, that will serve both yours and your cat's needs. Cat tree materials can include cardboard, plywood, plastic, and wood. Your giant cat will love relaxing and climbing this great tree. It means that couple of the customers weren't perfectly satisfied with what they bought. This is a great cat tree for large cats. They are actually getting more and more popular as time goes on. Just read the comprehensive reviews and see which one will fit your environment the most.