Within the chapters, there are simple navigational links—often to external resources—that are helpful and not distracting. For example, Plato and Aristotle are not included in the “further readings” of the introductory chapter on government. As clearly noted, I found far more to like about the text than not. The pride and comfort that the American people enjoy in the great commentaries of De Tocqueville are far removed from the selfish adulation that comes from a great and sin-gular success. The internal structure of individuals chapters is clear and logical. Such being said, I believe this textbook is far ahead of other options I have seen as far as modularity and the ability for the instructor to chunk portions of the chapter for the assigned reading each week. It is such a long and comprehensive textbook that possibly it might suffer from not having a clear and overriding theme. I wish the footnotes included links back to main text. The information presented in the text book is accurate and comparable to all other books I have used on the market. The choice of pictures, and subjects is excellent throughout. : Activity book a complete coursebook: 1. The book includes internal links to all notes and figures within the text, and also external web links where relevant. Pub. Furthermore, I think there are not enough appropriate charts and illustrations to engage student attention. I suspect students will read the chapters as rather lengthy. This textbook is very comprehensive. Great Source Education Group, 2000 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 586 pages. Middle school and high school homeschool students explore the roles of state and local government as … Subchapter titles like ‘organizing to govern’ are a bit confusing. Write a review. I imagine the authors are planning to update every two years and it should be relatively simple to add/subtract topical material without substantial modifications to the foundational text. Before joining OU, he served on the faculty of Arizona State University and helped run two large-scale National Science Foundation projects as a doctoral student at Texas A&M University. Madison and Hamilton cite him in the Federalist Papers. It also includes a chapter on... This text could very easily replace the book I have used... Key terms are included at the end of each chapter. We hope your visit has been a productive one. The accuracy of this text is equivalent or higher than any introductory text I am familiar with. This means that pretty much every major topic you could want is in this book and all you have to do is choose which chapters you want to cover. Most of the content of the different chapters focus on the mechanics of the system and on relevant examples that will be important for years to come. The opening parts of the book though do focus a bit more on economics than I would prefer. The textbook does not include much material on current elections, but an instructor can easily add his or her own supplemental materials. For example, on page 205 of the text, the author writes "With the rise of the Internet and social media, however, traditional media have become less powerful agents of this kind of socialization." The material is generally laid out in a straightforward fashion that should make sense to the reader. IN COLLECTIONS. Reviewed by Donald Travis, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College on 4/17/20, I like the additional chapter on State and Local Government (Chap 14). Obviously, fundamental concepts such as the origins of the republic and the founding era need to be at the beginning of the book. The content is very up-to-date and includes/examines relevant current issues. There is a standard form to intro Am Gov textbooks, and this one is pretty typical. American Government A Complete Coursebook - 2002 Edition The book does not seem to be culturally insensitive, and I like the inclusion of the Equal Protection for Other Groups in section 5.5. I certainly will moving forward. The textbook contains sections and subsections within the chapters with independent learning objectives. The book is very comprehensive. read more. Modularity is important for me as I usually find myself teaching "out of order" with respect to the book's chapter organization. Thankfully, though, the chapters are easy to move around. Many textbooks cover these two topics together in one chapter and I believe that it may be easier to teach if there is dedicated material to each topic in separate chapters. As understood, exploit does not suggest that you have astonishing points. The text focuses on current events less than many commercial publishers' alternatives (Keeping the Republic comes to mind). My kudos to the author. For printing purposes, it would be helpful if graphics and/or sections did not run onto the next page. Make sure to follow along ... 10 Comments 3 Likes Statistics Notes Full Name. American Government is a very comprehensive textbook. While most of the narrative text is easily and readily divisible into smaller reading sections, there are sections that go on for a page and a half of densely worded blocks of text that many of my first and second year students would find challenging in comprehension given that length. There is much more in this book than I could use in a term, so I would select portions of the chapters. Each unit has three to four sub units that can easily be assigned in different readings This is the type of written activities I use in the classroom, specifically teacher driven selected chapter readings. I really liked that it had information from the 2016 election, as that is interesting to many students. Learning objectives are clearly identified for each unit, and each unit concludes with a concise summary of main points followed by multiple-choice and short answer questions. In fact, in several places the book includes specific discussion of how the subject relates to minority or historically underrepresented or repressed communities that other texts tend to ignore (e.g. I didn't notice any serious grammar problems. I look at these minor issues as an opportunity for teachers to clarify in lecture, rather than deal-breaking issues. For example, I appreciate the discussion of women as political candidates in the chapter on elections. This textbook does a nice job covering women Chapter 7, especially in regards to elections. In my classes using the book, I have done quite a bit of rearranging. I found it easy to adapt it to the different needs of my course. The uniqueness of the American system is rarely mentioned (e.g., the fact that it has a presidential, federal system, with true separation of powers). The canonical terms of introductory American Government are present and defined adequately. Overall the textbook is highly consistent. It does a good job of defining terms used in the text and citing relevant sources. I found no appreciable errors in the textbook. The content is mostly up to date. However, this is a general U.S. government overview, so there is room for an instructor to supplement with additional primary sources, such as diary excerpts, speeches, poems and other genres. The text is not overladen with jargon, and when specialized terms are used, there is an effort to provide definitions for terms. As this american government a complete coursebook study guide, it ends up creature one of the favored book american government a complete coursebook study guide collections that we have. The point-by-point "Summary" section is a great way for students to review the main ideas in the chapter. Surely, it would be impossible to cover all the relevant material in this book, but its format does allow the instructor to be selective about the sections within each chapter to be emphasized. Grammar and sentence structure are appropriate for the reading comprehension level expected in an introductory level course. Nearly every chapter has classic and current concepts to understand the evolution and development of institutions. I did not notice a significant number of grammatical errors. There is a good selections of "photographs.". I don't think that would be a problem here, because the chapters are for the most part logically defined and pretty self-contained. The textbook is sensitive to a range of minority communities including African Americans, immigrants, the LBGQT community, gender and women’s issues, and persons who practice the Muslim faith. Offers many examples and insights to a wide variety of political views and cultures. Grammar was excellent. The content is up-to-date including most of the Trump presidency, which is helpful for students' understanding and familiarity. In addition, the chapter on the Bureaucracy is placed in the "Outputs of Government" section alongside the chapters on domestic and foreign policy, rather than its more traditional place just after The Presidency. The order in which I present material in the course varies from the order in which chapters are presented in the text, but I have experienced few difficulties in subdividing chapters and assigning them in the order needed to support teaching. I saw no problems with the navigation or images. 14 day loan required to access EPUB and PDF files. Reviews American foreign policies from the past & today, diplomacy, and international organizations. Reviewed by Carley Shinault, Assistant Professor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania on 3/13/19, The text covers the full range of standard American Government textbooks, from government and civic engagement, to civil liberties and rights to branches of government and foreign policy. There are numerous ways to define or describe political power, and they should be conveyed in the textbook. But given what is currently happening with the COVID-19 Pandemic, I would argue that the textbook remains just as relevant, even though some of your reviewers will claim otherwise. It also seems like there are only answers to select questions? It is arranged in such a way that updates will be easy to implement. There seems to be a great emphasis on students and the system, as indicated in Part 1, and civic engagement more generally. The only suggestion that I would make is to include a little bit more political psychology, especially in the chapters on public opinion and the media. Even though the publishing date is 2019, however, many of the charts, maps, graphs, pictures, and statistics in general are from 2015 or earlier. The text is internally consistent with respect terminology and framework. Buy American Government: A Complete Coursebook by Ethel Wood, Stephen C Sansone online at Alibris. - clear framing around basic theories of representation and collective action (probably less explicitly on the latter than something... Issues related to race, ethnicity, gender, and class are addressed in appropriate ways. It covers all the areas that may be taught in an American Government intro class. I have no comment or assessment of either the usefulness of "supplementary" stuff like outside websites or discussion questions. The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. Reviewed by John Herbert, Instructor, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Coon Rapids, MN on 6/15/19, The material offered more than meets the appropriate standard for a textbook used in a first or second year course in American Government and Politics. Spelling, punctuation and sentence structure were also all very good. Reviewed by Gale Czerski, Adult Basic Education Instructor, Portland Community College on 6/20/17, This textbook provides a comprehensive framework for introductory American government. American Government: A Complete Coursebook. They are usually a couple of paragraphs long and illustrate key concepts with practical examples followed by links to websites that have additional relevant information. Would grade this as 4.5 if possible. This is just one of the solutions for you to be successful. In addition, there are charts, visual aids, and extension activities to expand and complement the text. Right from the start is an engaging "What is Government" and "Who governs" introductory sections, followed by excellent descriptions of our constitutional backgrounds and developments, and next the originality and purpose of our federal system of government. The “Links to Learning” and “Insider Perspective” features in the text help to enrich the material without breaking the overall flow of discussion. The case law is also an effective addition. There are a few points the author may want to consider. Overall the book is extremely well edited. The analysis of Presidents attending Ivy League institutions is a bit misleading as evidence of elitism, for example. This is a wonderful resource, especially for Economic, Legal, and Political Systems (ELPS) students, and U.S. History students. We additionally present variant types and in addition to type of the books to browse. I only use online textbooks and sources for my classes, but have students who want a hard copy option. This text is VERY detailed in its coverage, which is impressive and surprising given its relative brevity. Some of the current graphs and charts will need to be updated.The links to learning sections make it possible to quickly find current data and information. Although the disinclination students sometimes feel toward politics is examined , the many and various avenues to address grievances or engage in government enterprises are the centerpiece of the book's mission. Reviewed by Alexander Cohen, Assistant Professor, Augustana College on 6/19/18, By the standards of Introduction to American Politics textbooks, this is a comprehensive offering. Otherwise, I find the content accurate, sufficiently in depth, and excellent. The text would be easily divisible by chapter. Not every one covers Civil Rights and Liberties or Foreign and Domestic Policy, but this text does offer a chapter on each of those. I plan to regularly assign these items to use in discussion and written work. 10-12 ... 14 day loan required to access EPUB and PDF files. Overall, an excellent textbook which covers the needed subject matter comprehensively. read more. Sometimes the beginning of the paragraphs are repetitive but this may favor comprehension of the content. I know, as a student, that you can find a lot of topics in this book that aren't even touched upon in any ordinary textbook. It would be easier if the chapters would focus on the 2016 and 2018 elections. have even added very impressive policy chapters (domestic and foreign) that you only see on occasion. Similar to other Introduction to American Government textbooks this book covers the typical material and then some. Although the book does not add a specific domestic policy area, the choice of three areas on domestic policy, foreign policy and state and local government is refreshing. American Government: A Complete Coursebook. Words seem arbitrarily capitalized (why capitalize Scalia and McConnell)? It covers most, if not all, of the material that I typically cover in my American Government course and does so in an engaging way. It contains every topic I cover and more in an Introductory course. If you click on a chapter title, say Media, nothing happens, except it opens the subsections of the chapter. But the book helpfully highly new and key phrases, and uses plentiful figures and sidebars to improve clarity.