1. This paper does not require students to complete an entire research project, but only asks them to develop a feasible research question based on a review of the literature. Hence, the main objective of this paper is to determine the relationship between population growth and economic development by conducting an exhaustive review of the literature. State Intervention – Growth and Development. Explain the differences between long-term and short-term economic growth. Write the question number above each answer. Economic growth and economic development and factors determining the economic growth are discussed in section 5.3 and 5.4 respectively. NTA NET Paper 1 25 Sept 2020 Morning Shift. and economic development can be measured by looking at the impact of population growth on economic development and vice-versa. How does an increase in the saving rate affect economic growth? Is it possible for an economy to continue growing forever solely by accumulating more capital? Questions such as these define the field of economic growth. 6. For example, in 2000, gross domestic product The analysis, based on a panel of advanced and … a) That people can only move forward through self-reliance. b) That economic growth can be unlimited through the free market and will trickle down to the poor. Get to the point NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Economics (Paper-II) questions for your exams. 31 What is the average … (863 more words) … Question 6 The orthodox view of development assumes what? 8. You should probably just read the whole post. Why are these preferred over market prices in project evaluation? Read the questions carefully. 4. economic growth. What explains the long-run growth of aggregate GDP? ECONOMICS(Optional) Previous years Question Paper (Topic wise) GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT 1. The following table is on the Expenditures of Institution (in lakh Rupees) per annum over the given years. Terms of Trade. This paper shows that (1) there is a best degree of urban concentration, in terms of maximizing productivity growth (2) that best degree varies with the level of development and country size, and (3) over or under-concentration can be very costly in terms of productivity growth. Figure 1.2 Developing Country Growth Trends, by Region, 1950–2011 Source: Updated from Rodrik 2011b. What are shadow prices? 7. An important question for many countries is whether stricter enforcement of intellectual property laws is a good strategy for economic growth. Free PDF download of Important Questions with Answers for CBSE Class 11 Indian Economic Development Chapter 7 - Employment: Growth, Informalisation and Other Issues prepared by expert Economics teachers from latest edition of CBSE(NCERT) books. Specialisation. Leave 2–3 lines between subsections of questions. Review Questions. Sub Saharan Africa - Economic Growth and Development. The papers are sorted by topic, but obviously many papers fit with multiple topics. Indian Economy - Growth and Development - MCQs with answers - Part 1 1. It was, however, also grounded in the historical and political context in which he wrote. A country's general economic health can be measured by looking at that country's economic growth and development. Economic independence b. This paper reviews the economic theory and available evidence with particular focus on three questions: (1) How does financial development affect economic growth; (2) what are the features of a growth supportive financial structure; and (3) how are financial structures related to structural change and technical progress? 4. "Stages of Economic Growth" was published in 1960, at the height of the Cold War , and with the subtitle "A Non-Communist Manifesto," it was overtly political. The others, together with infrastructural development and maybe increased savings are some of the normal ingredients of economic growth… Which of the following explains the term economic growth? 5. According to Prof. Todaro, “Economic development is a multi dimensional process involving major changes in social structures, popular attitudes and national institutions as well as the acceleration of economic growth, the reduction of inequality and the eradication of absolute poverty”. It is to be noted that while large populations of the advanced countries have grown up after, and as a consequence of, economic develop­ment, that large populations of the developing countries exist before devel­opment. Economic activity is widespread and differs substantially from area to area. Development and Planning-Economic Growth: Questions 1-5 of 46. South Africa - Economic Growth and Development. Start EACH question on a NEW page. Sustainable Development. The correct answer is D, though as you may know some our concerned that economic growth does have some adverse outcomes. Comprehension: Consider the data in the given table and answer the questions that follow. c) That economic growth is unimportant in development. This paper provides a longer-term perspective on economic growth in order to deepen the understanding of the key drivers of economic growth, as well as the constraints that act on it. This paper documents the facts that underlie these questions. Describe 10 principles of economics. 3. New Data Set on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution To test these relationships, and to more accurately pinpoint the impact of economic growth on poverty and inequality, it is necessary to construct a … CLASSIFICATION OF TOPICS FOR THE GRADE 12 ECONOMICS QUESTION PAPERS: ECONOMICS GR.12 PAPER 1 150 MARKS – 2 HOURS PAPER 2 150 ... • Growth and development • Industrial development policies a. The moot point is that population growth may be either favourable or unfavourable to economic development, depending on where, when, and how it takes.