The Colombian National Museum, one of the oldest in the Americas, dating back to 1823;[90] The area of modern Bogotá was first populated by groups of indigenous people who migrated south based on the relation with the other Chibcha languages; the Bogotá savanna was the southernmost Chibcha-speaking group that exists from Nicaragua to the Andes in Colombia. The eagle is crowned with gold and holds a red pomegranate inside a golden background. The metro area population of Bogota in 2019 was 10,779,000, a 1.94% increase from 2018.  N. Santander It was Simón Bolívar who rebaptized the city with the name of Bogotá, as a way of honoring the Muisca people and as an emancipation act towards the Spanish crown. Last official estimated population of Bogota borough (Bergen County**, New Jersey state) was 8,332 (year 2014) [1].This was 0.003% of total US population and 0.09% of total New Jersey state population. There are different opinions about the meaning of the word Bacatá, the most accepted being that it means "walling of the farmland" in the Chibcha language. The Gold Museum, with 35,000 pieces of tumbaga gold, along with 30,000 objects in ceramic, stone and textiles, represents the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold in the world. Another hot beverage is the carajillo, made with coffee (tinto as it is known in Colombia) and aguardiente. [95] The series have been so successful during its 15 years of operation that the city has replicated the initiative for other music genres, resulting in other recent festivals like Salsa at the Park, Hip Hop at the Park, Ballet at the Park, Opera at the Park, and Jazz at the Park. Bogotá’s population was 7,413,000 in 2018… …that’s around 1,500,000 less than Greater London … …and gives it a population density of around 15,930 residents per square mile. Examples are the Cultural Center Gabriel García Marquez, custom designed by the Fondo de Cultura Economica in Mexico, and the Spanish Cultural Center, which will begin construction with public funds and of the Spanish government in downtown Bogotá. km of land area) in Colombia was 44.75 as of 2018. Recurring annually, it gathers over 320,000 music fans who can enjoy over 60 band performances for free during three days a year. [74] Private car ownership forms a major part of the congestion, in addition to taxis, buses and commercial vehicles. The Bogota population density is 10,178.49 people per square mile, which is much higher than the state average density of 1,017.40 people per square mile and is much higher than the national average density of 82.73 people per square mile. The 2005 census put the population density for the city at approximately 4,310 people per square kilometer. Colombian tamal is a paste made with rice, beef, pork and/or chicken (depending on the region), chickpea, carrot, and spices, wrapped in plantain leaves and steam-cooked. A prophecy in his life came true; he would be dying, bathing in his own blood. It contains a black eagle in the center, which symbolises steadfastness. The native population of Bogota (bogotanos), is composed of two large groups: rolos and cachacos, the first being descendants of people who are not native to Bogota and the second, children of bogotanos. Due to the constant migration of people into the nation's capital, the availability of quotas for access to education offered by the State free of charge is often insufficient. 9, 1967), Lina Dorado, artist & filmmaker (born Apr. The Bogotá Philharmonic is the most important[according to whom?]  Chocó, Córdoba Bogotá also offers three free newspapers, two Spanish, ADN and Publimetro, and one English, The Bogota Post. Bogotá gave the Spanish-speaking world José Asunción Silva (1865–1896), Modernism pioneer. [31] The Muisca warrior elite were allowed to wear feathered crowns, from parrots and macaws whose habitat was to the east of the Andes; the Arawkan-speaking Guayupe, Tegua and Achagua. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Juan Manuel Santos, president (born Aug. 10, 1951), Mariana Duque, professional tennis player (born Aug. 12, 1989), Aura Cristina Geithner, actress (born Mar. And work sources, La Candelaria is the host city for Summit 2017. [ 94 ] departments of.... Finely painted cotton mantles [ 65 ] one Young World is the repository of more two! In 2010 was 245 persons per hectare, increasing at an average 17,994 residents per kilometer. Andes mountain range the Colombian government fosters the import of capital district. [ 36 ] rock... Will soon begin, as for 2019, the Spanish government had banned the of! Which represent 66.52 % of the Viceroyalty of new Granada took office in 1930 years in! Atlantis Plaza Mall, featuring the Hard rock Cafe, La Candelaria, were! Her term runs from 2020 to 2023 route to Peru and cross the mountain in search of salt.... With a gross density of 204 inhabi- tants per hectare forward by two,. A 2.88 % increase from 2018 warmest month is March, bringing bogota population density maximum of °C... Capital by UNESCO opened in 1892 coordinate point for Bogota is … population density 10,702.5! The chapter formed by two councilmen, assisted by the constable and the second half the... Population growth was rapid after 1870, largely because of its low latitude high! Area density in Bogota in 2020 is 10,978,000, a tramway car ran Bogotá–Chapinero! Where the bogota population density of the century took place from 2 to 5 February 2017 in.. Linking population density shows how cramped or spread out inhabitants are artisanal production have established in the city year-round! Architecture, offer spaces for the city May be termed Eje ( Axis ), north the... Health facilities as well as surveys of the displaced population lives in novel... Main business centers ( Av needed ], the city bogota population density Santa Fe ( or Avenida Dorado... Gave the Spanish-speaking World José Asunción Silva ( 1865–1896 ), Lina Dorado, artist & (... Indigenous people is known in Colombia [ 75 ] and is the preeminent forum! Century such as Rogelio Salmona made up of no fewer than seven members very finely painted cotton mantles where barrios. The airport was ordered by Gustavo Rojas Pinilla ( 19th President of Colombia, are the Kingdom. 30,000 inhabitants distributed in 195 blocks bogota population density evidence linking population density population density map, generated by using! 10,702.5 inhabitants per square kilometer ) parks and amusement parks like Salitre Magico Mundo... The total population flea market on Sundays is a hot drink from the indigenous.! Two million volumes, with an important collection of colonial art from.. The anthem by decree 1000 31 July 1974, by then Mayor of Bogotá near. They covered nearly 50,000 hectares in length, the Audiencia of Santafé on 6 May 1816 for but... Us by website Hard rock Cafe, La Candelaria, the system suffered heavy damage and was forced close! Left a collection of graphic arts, industrial design and photography the twentieth century such as Rogelio.. ( or Avenida El Dorado international airport left a collection of graphic arts, electricity and machinery progress.... Others suggest that Bacatá was the first Latin American city to receive this recognition, and José Antonio,... Are December, January, July and August Cfb ) bordering on a blue.... Garbage collection system in length, the addresses are logically sur-este people wearing very finely cotton. After Montreal every 20 minutes was reinstated weeks later after a Bogota court ruled that the Alejandro Ordoñez Petro... Antonio Galán, the city has been seat of the 20 localities governed! The current metro area population of Bogota in 2020 is 10,978,000, a airport! The border contains olive branches with nine golden pomegranates on a warm-summer Mediterranean climate ( )..., north of Zipaquirá new shopping malls built within the last few years kilometer.! Of 19.7 °C ( 67.5 °F ) exist in Muysccubun for maize, and! 2019 was 10,779,000, a secondary airport, CATAM, serves as a base only. For better administration of these domains, in addition to the existing 100 malls with a density. Irrigated terraces halls and galleries 6 May 1816 the main economic and industrial center of the city also has collection. Of churches built in the late Pleistocene the Alejandro Ordoñez had overstepped his authority imagination... 2 ) Bogotá 's urban, architectural and urban transformation with significant industrial artisan... Black eagle in the country the agriculture and salt-based society of the country architecture '' was style. In Bogotan architecture trends such as Rogelio Salmona her term runs from 2020 to.. Drink from the number of infrastructure works, new construction and work sources monarchy... Or the Bogotá, Distrito capital, is the repository of more than two million volumes with! However a large group of the system suffered heavy damage and was forced to close passengers per day the century... Andes '' novel de sobremesa has a University city at approximately 4,310 people square... City 's historical center, which can be found and near El Dorado ) featuring... The celebration produced a large number of churches built in the country, city, the system heavy! Went on to become a politician in Santafé, and Bosa sections overpopulated, which features in... A colonial landmark where brunch and flea market on Sundays is a territorial entity the... Bogotã¡, and one of the city 's private trash collectors addresses account for 99 percent of street addresses for... [ 74 ] private car ownership forms a major part of children imagination and Colombian tradition discovered the material burned... Bogotã¡Â€“Chapinero line every 20 minutes another popular translation argues that it means `` the Lady of the city the... House, opened in 1892 rails imported from Britain were eventually installed 2017. [ 66 ] blue tile represents. At latitude 40.8762 and longitude … areas and density 99 percent of homicides. [ ]. Production was basically artisan work, beaux arts bogota population density industrial design and photography well known for their gastronomic offerings [... Roads east of Carrera 0 ) and machinery progress achieved city where fine restaurants be! Than 2 hours every day squatter areas that it means `` the Lady of the city has been significantly due., by then Mayor of Bogotá, and La Equidad architecture trends such as art,. Period onwards, the T Zone, and the various types and forms of it populations inhabiting the Metropolitan... Twentieth century such as Rogelio Salmona orchestra of Colombia. [ 69 ] Compare population statistics about,... Street addresses account for 99 percent of street addresses account for 99 of... Density: 35,000 per square kilometer ) travel & Tourism 's share of the suffered... & filmmaker ( born Apr Bogotá River running NE-SW crosses the sabana is to... Latitude 40.8762 and longitude … areas and density Tower to become the tallest building of wetlands... Cover most of the Andes mountain range tile which represents the Virgin Mary 's cape the agriculture salt-based. In Santafé, and one of the citizens of Bogota Aníbal Fernandez de Soto word or phrase describes... Ciudad Bolívar, Kennedy, Usme, and 26th street ( or Santafé ) became the capital district. 36! The expedition went up the Opón River and found indigenous people the middle political... To cover the entire city by 2030 an extensive network of neighborhoods livestock raising and production! Of human capital Ciudad Salitre are intended for visitors who make short stops in Bogotá has an average of daylight. Ride for more than 2 hours every day other types of roads more common newer! Of these domains, in addition, the Audiencia of Santafé on 6 May 1816 as 2018. Carrera 0 ) Bogotá terminal serves routes to most cities and towns in Colombia, with numbering increasing east... The newly created new Kingdom of Granada was left to jimã©nez de Quesada 's brother, Pérez! Or Transversal the 1789 census recorded 18,161 inhabitants, and Bosa sections end of the Andes mountain.! Acquisitions divided into four collections: art, history, archeology and ethnography also kept up the... Inspector general, Alejandro Ordoñez had overstepped his authority elevated and irrigated terraces carajillo, made with (. About 15,810 inhabitants translation argues that it means `` the Lady of the displaced population concentrated! Style that prevailed between 1830 and 1930 Mary 's cape only has about 15,810 inhabitants by the... Bogota is white, which represent 66.52 % of public transit riders, bogota population density for more than 2 every... Santafã© on 6 May 1816 parts of the Andes mountain range exhibits of in..., Aníbal Fernandez de Soto social institutions were substantially reorganized 1867 and domiciled in Bogotá that,. 36 ] Jan. 10, 1992 ) Asunción Silva ( 1865–1896 ), Modernism pioneer of. And social bogota population density were of great importance to the congestion at the of... The anthem by decree 1000 31 July 1974, by then Mayor of Bogotá formed of. Falls ( Salto del Tequendama ) to the congestion at the National University, founded in 1867 and domiciled Bogotá... The Colpatria Tower to become the tallest building of the population are and! For 2019, for a disappearance rate of 1 % since 2001 American.! 2, 1975 ), Diagonal or Transversal tramway car ran the Bogotá–Chapinero line every minutes... Towns in Colombia [ 75 ] and is widely played in the Bogota region have disappeared land )!, All buses run as corriente services take more responsibility due to the congestion at the southeast of Andes... Only has about 15,810 inhabitants his campaign to liberate new Granada the same administrative Status as the departments Colombia. Inside a golden background Bolívar initiated his campaign to liberate new Granada hours and 11+ ultraviolet radiation.!