I'm that kind of girl, I'm that kind of girl I ain't the woman in red, I ain't the girl next door But if somewhere in the middle's, what you're lookin' for I'm that kind of girl, yes I'm that kind of girl Let me tell you that I like my lovin' Just as much as any woman, but I'm drawin' the line A … Lyrics to 'My Kind Of Girl' by Collin Raye. I know I'm certainly not the country girl in these songs, but I sing along anyway. When a girl gets herself a country boy, she knows that she's in for a once-in-a-lifetime love like the ones described in the countless love songs heard on country radio. I feel like it is the kind of song my best friend in high school and I would have run out and bought the cassette single of. Mainstream America will celebrate this music on the CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock on Tuesday in Nashville during prime time television on ABC. This is a fine, subversive book." The Zimmerman (Dylan) family was a big deal in Hibbing, and apparantly Echo's family was really poor or just Not Good and they didn't approve of the relationship. But I realize no one will make their millions singing about a country girl who in lieu of the bikini top and cut-off shorts, wears a matching sweater set and knee-length pencil skirt while handing out college grades, not beer. Assistant Professor of Bilingual and English and a Second Language Education, Public Voices Fellow with TheOpEd Project, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. In 2014, Maddie & Tae released their hit single “Girl in a Country Song” as an answer to the rampant “bro-country” trend in country music which often marginalizes women. Fortunately, "Girl In A Country Song" succeeds where "Accidental Racist" fails. The tongue-in-cheek visual casts country bros as video vixens attired in barely-there clothes. He can see it. They are vocal duo Maddie and Tae, although you've probably never heard of them. He knows the breakup is the best thing for the both of them. But I kinda like those boys that like those kind of girls . Perhaps this explains why there has been virtually no backlash for Maddie and Tae. Though country music may not be for everyone, this song’s message is universal; that women should not be objectified, and deserve more respect than is currently given. Yes, it sounds crazy that I like this. Mention Jesus for two. A simple country song by two friends guarding their dignity trying to stray from stereotypes. Crosley cautioned that attempts to view Dunham as a bellwether of modern feminism would unfairly overshadow the author. I'm like 95% sure that this song is at least loosely based on Scarborough Fair. Repeat. He can feel it. The good 'ole boys, and a few posers, have found a way to make their millions with a simple formula: Trucks, Beer, Dirt Roads, Pretty Girl. I'm a liberal college professor who has lived in a major city for all of my adult life. Their new song and video, "Girl in a Country Song," points out the huge elephant in country music radio and the one in my small eco-friendly car as I'm jammin' out on my commute: The way most new country songs depict women is demeaning. I said, 'How 'bout some music?' Played after “Girl in a Country Song,” any guy to come on the radio and praise his lady’s baby blues, tan legs, or bare feet sounds downright ridiculous. It’s not often a guy gets things right in the relationship. The song features legendary producer and rapper Missy Elliot . MK: Well, the great song writers will not be worrying about me as competition, but it’s fun to play with lyrics. "The video helps us put the point across that it's hard being a girl in a country song, Maddie Marlow told Rolling Stone Country, "and if the guys had to live up to the expectations that we do, I don't think they could do it either." Follow @genius on Twitter for updates who never had her name in any country song. In all honesty, Maddie and Tae's Girl in Country Song makes me feel better about my body imagine than any of those other songs do. And when I asked you to go for a ride, you stole my heart when you said, 'If I can drive.' "Girl in a Country Song" is the debut single by American country music duo Maddie & Tae, co-written with Aaron Scherz and released in July 2014.The song criticizes the "bro-country" subgenre in contemporary country music, specifically in how women are portrayed by men, with lyrics containing references to a variety of popular recent country songs. But that's not how we are presented in today's country music. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. All girls, whether country or not, want to find their own country boy because they're one of a kind. Ultimately, “Girl in a Country Song” is not as threatening as the Dixie Chicks’ anti-Bush statements were. I'm That Kind of Girl by Patty Loveless. … I hope other country girls will also demand more respect. Add a reference to guns for an extra point. The way this song was being sung, it was bashing those songs that I love to listen to but obliviously heard the lyrics. It's the only perspective they have of me, a girl from the country. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Im the kind of girl who is ain't supposed to like those boys . The guy in the song realizes his girl doesn’t love him the way he cares about her. Not That Kind of Girl received mixed reviews but was a commercial success, reaching #2 on The New York Times Best Seller list on October 19, 2014.. Sloane Crosley for The New York Times said the book was often hilarious but not ground-breaking in content. So we can sit around and talk about . The kind that carries all your books in school I'm getting tired of these one night stands But if you're lookin' for a real romance. //